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Xinda Machinery tells you how to choose the material of slotting machine blade

info:   author: date:2020-10-30 view:706
The slotting efficiency of slotting machine depends not only on the quality of the machine, but also on the blade quality of the slotting machine. It seems that people need a good tooth. As the most rigid organ in the human body, it relies on it to bite and grind food, which highlights the importance of a good tooth. The same slotting machine blade is like a human tooth. When slotting, the depth of the slot is difficult to grasp, and the skewed slot will screw things up. At this time, if it is a very sharp slotting machine blade to quickly, accurately and efficiently open the V groove, then not only the work quality has been improved, but also the enterprise has saved time and cost.

Xinda Machinery has a slotting machine blade, which adopts advanced Swiss technology. The sharp blade can be slotted quickly and keep sharp for a long time.

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